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Geographic Information Systems

Data rich images document every detail of your area of interest. With our high quality imagery down to 5cm, every detail of your site is captured and documented.​

Need specialized spatial analysis done of an area. We at LDS have the knowledge and expertise to guarantee a successful implementation and accurate product.

Our team of spatial scientist are dedicated to your needs and we are able to build need specific Geo databases to complement your existing database allowing for more informed decision making.

   Our GIS services include:

   1. Construction Planning

  • Map your construction site

  • Measure area and distance

  • Monitor construction changes over time

  • 3D Modelling and Photogrammetry

   2. Architecture and Engineering

  • Measure lengths and areas

  • Pre-construction site assessments

  • Pre-construction workflows

  • 3D Modelling and Photogrammetry


​   3. Cadastral

  • Size and Extent of property

  • Utility assessment

  • Building location

  • Potential encroachments